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Orthodontics / Lingual Orthodontics

If you’ve been thinking that braces can impact your style, then Lingual braces would be the right option for you. These are the most invisible type of dental braces that are placed behind your teeth. With Lingual braces, you don’t have to worry about hiding a metal mouth, since your braces can’t be seen by the others.

Lingual Braces Procedure

The procedure involves taking your teeth impression and then sending to a dental laboratory to design customized brackets. The process takes around six weeks and allows the orthodontist to use a specific process to cement the braces behind your teeth.

Like traditional braces, Lingual braces put gentle yet continuous pressure on the teeth to help them move slowly into proper position. The treatment would take around 18-36 months, depending on the severity of a patient’s teeth.

As lingual braces are custom made, they are a bit expensive and produces expected results. Orthodontists who are highly trained and hold expertise can only carry out lingual braces procedure.

Lingual Braces Types

The following are the most important brands of Lingual braces:




STb Light Lingual System

Suresmile Lingual QT

Care for Lingual Braces

Good oral hygiene is required to make sure that gingivitis or tooth decay is not caused. Proper dental hygiene should include:

Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes

Use a soft round-bristle toothbrush to brush at the gumline and the teeth

Flossing daily to remove plaque and food debris between the teeth

Rinse with a fluoride to strengthen the teeth

Lingual braces might irritate the tongue and cause to become tender. By using wax against the lower teeth can help prevent this soreness.

If you are planning to get Lingual Braces on your teeth, then try consulting dentists at Vijay dental hospital to know your chances of success.


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