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General Dentistry / Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is a process by which the tooth is pulled out or removed from the patients jaw. Tooth extraction might become necessary when there is a situation where the damaged or broken tooth cannot be fixed or repaired. Tooth extraction is also performed when any tooth comes in to the way of another tooth and blocks its growth or even when a tooth causes an abnormal aesthetic issue.

There may be severe issues for the tooth extraction process to be carried out quickly so that it can prevent the spreading of decaying and infection. Tooth Extraction process involves the usage of special tools by the dentist to remove the teeth out of the jaw. Before attempts are made for the tooth extraction a general anaesthesia is provided to the patient to numb the area of the tooth extraction.

The anaesthesia can prevent the patient from feeling the pain and can even make the patient to fall into sleep during the extraction process. Once the tooth extraction is performed the bleeding is made to stop by making the patient to bite a cotton gauze pad on to the wound. The dentist may also perform the stitching on to the wounds if the extraction of the tooth has caused a severe bleeding. Once a tooth extraction is performed, it will require a minimum of three to four days for healing.


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