The Dental Bleaching is also known as Teeth Whitening. It is one of the common procedures in general dentistry and is mostly performed as a part of cosmetic dentistry. This treatment makes use of materials that have the same colour as that of the enamel (the white coloured substance that covers the tooth crown), which are made to apply on teeth to attain whiter teeth. The material used in the bleaching process penetrates in to the enamel and causes altering of the colour (white).

Teeth whitening removes all stains on the teeth. The food items like cola, coffee, red wine etc can cause dullness or yellow colour on the teeth. The bleaching process for improving the appearance of the teeth can take only an hour and it can provide attractive sparkling white teeth with a five to ten shades of brightness and lightness.

The bleaching of teeth will make use of a peroxide based compound which is mostly in the form of gel to be applied on to the teeth. Once the teeth is been applied with the peroxide compound it is then made to exposed to a revolutionary light rays for an hour to attain the whiter teeth.


This type of bleaching process that makes use of light for the treatment can take up to one hour for the bleaching process. The bleaching or whitening of the teeth can also be performed with laser technology. When laser technology is used in the whitening process a higher stability and much whiter teeth is attained with lesser treatment time. The bleaching doesn’t provide a permanent whiteness for the teeth and hence the bleaching has to be performed form time to time.


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