Fluoride Applicaton

Fluoride Applicaton

Fluoride is a mineral that is present in most of the food and water. Every day the minerals are lost and added to the enamel layer. These minerals are very essential ingredient in the mouth and teeth to maintain the health of the teeth. As the enamel layer get in contact with the acid from the food it loses its minerals.

The minerals from the teeth are also lost due to the attack of sugar and other bacteria. The loosing of minerals from the enamel layer of the teeth is called demineralization. When too much demineralization occurs without proper mineralization it can cause various issues to the tooth like damage and tooth decay.

Fluoride application treatment is about applying of fluoride on the teeth in order to kill the germs that could cause decay and other issues. The application of the fluoride will also help in restoring the minerals that is lost from the enamel and thus prevent the teeth from getting damage.

Fluoride Application

The application of fluoride will also reduce the loss of minerals due to the attack of acid, sugar, bacteria etc. The fluoride application is a treatment that prevents the teeth from getting damage by infection and decaying. During the treatment involving the fluoride the fluoride is directly applied to the teeth either in the form of tooth paste or liquid or gel. It also helps in providing freshness to the breath. We provide treatments involving fluoride application to children.


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