Various Flap Surgeries using Lasers

Various Flap Surgeries using Lasers

Flap surgeries involves lifting of a section of gum to performs Dental oriented treatments like cleaning , restructuring of teeth and surrounding bones, repairing ,etc. Our clinic has got all advanced facility to carry out various flap surgery for our patients. We also make use of advanced laser technology for carrying out various flap surgery.

Flap surgery is also performed as a part of reconstructive surgery. The flap surgery makes use of various tools to lift up a part of gum that is attached to the teeth which is called as flaps. The lifting of the flaps is performed to attain a proper access to the area involving the treatments.

When lasers are used in flap surgery it would result in the least loss of blood due to bleeding and can even reduce the pain incurred during the surgery. The patient may be provided with aesthesia to get sedate during the surgical process. The flap surgery will be required for any treatment involving the root of the teeth.

The flap surgery may also be performed reshaping the gum and for various other treatment for improving the appearance. Our dental hospital is facilitated with the most advanced technology of lasers to provide various flap oriented surgeries to our patients. The cost of various surgeries are made to minimal with the help of an optimised schedule of treatment plans made by our specialised dentist.

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