Laser Root Canal Treatment

Laser Root Canal Treatment

We all know that dental procedures are not painful and can give a comfort feeling to patients. But sometimes, these procedures are unpleasant and result in severe pain. Root canal is one of such painful procedure, which will be performed on the soft inner tissue of a tooth-known as pulp to remove the decayed or damaged part. The best way to relieve the pain and cause is through endodontics or root canal therapy.

Root canal procedure involves removing the diseased tissues from within a tooth and its roots, followed by disinfection. Dentists will insert filling material known as gutta percha, a natural occurring type of latex substance taken from tropical trees, into the canal to restore the natural tooth structure as long as possible. Although root canal procedures are successful, there are some cases in which the treatment does not yield expected outputs. In few cases, patient need to remove the tooth and replaced with an implant or bridge.

laser root canal treatment

Laser technology changes the way you experience root canal therapy. Laser root canal therapy makes use a parallel beam of intense light to clean root canals. Laser therapy melts away debris comprising of bacteria and infection, known as smear layer of the root and cleans the root neatly when compared with traditional treatments. Laser dentistry can remove the infection within less time and pain.

Laser technology also minimizes possible risks from the root canal procedure. No need to worry about break off or getting stuck in the canal. The treatment can be carried out with minimal bleeding and can be used with minimal or no local anesthesia. Post-operative problems of conventional root canal treatment are practically eliminated-the laser reduces inflammation, swelling and discomfort in patient. In some cases, your dentist may combine both the laser and traditional hand pieces for optimal effects.


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