Parents Counselling

Parents Counselling

Treatment for any dental problem is incomplete when it is performed without providing some follow up instructions. These instructions are to be followed in order to achieve a complete success of the treatment that is received from us.

During the counselling process various issues regarding the children are considered and discussed for formulating solutions to the issues. The counselling is generally conducted in the face to face form or in a semi structure form. The counselling may be carried out in the patient’s residence or in the dental clinic.

The parents who take part in the counselling process are then provided with the various qualitative measures to be followed to ensure the dental and oral health among their children. The instruction provided may also include various preventive measures to ensure the safety of the oral health. The conversation during the counselling may be audio recorded for a qualitative thematic analysis. Our Team has got excellent personals to provide counselling service regarding dental care to our patients.

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