Blood Laser Surgeries Fibroma Epulis Ranula

Blood Laser Surgeries Fibroma Epulis Ranula

In order to provide treatment for soft tissues, dental lasers are the ideal tools. Bloodless surgical procedures are also pain free due to the coagulation effect caused by the interaction of tissues and lasers. The laser acts as a cutting tool in surgeries abolishing the need for dental drills. Complications like bleeding, pain and infection are also avoided. Carbon dioxide laser is the most common laser used in oral surgery. The laser cuts through the tissues and seals off the small blood vessels and nerve endings present nearby the affected area. So, the surgery is pain free and bloodless. Diode lasers, Nd-Yg lasers are the other types of lasers that are used for cutting soft tissues.

Mostly, lasers are used in biopsy to remove cancerous cells and tissues and removal of ablations to make sure that the cells are not cancerous. Fibroma is the most common form of cancer in oral cavity. A fibroma can be removed through surgery only. Local anesthesia is used to made the area numb and the fibroma is removed with laser. A biopsy is performed to make sure the elimination if cancerous cells. The procedure takes 15 minutes and heals within a week.

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Lasers are used for the treatment of mucous cysts. They are painless thin sacs of clear liquid formed on the inner side of the lips. These are not harmful and disappear gradually, but if not treated at an early stage they solidify and form permanent bumps on the lips. When the cysts are formed on the mouth, the condition is termed as ranula and when they are formed on the gums they are called epulis. They are caused when the lip membranes are sucked between the teeth near the dental jewelry and piercings. Laser treatments are less likely to pose risks when compared with conventional surgical procedures.


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